Youth Voluntary Service

Youth Voluntary Service, is an association of Cameroonian youths who have tasked themselves as volunteers, aiming to create live changing projects largely based on agriculture and anything concerning plants. This is tilted directly to benefit of the Cameroonian local communities.

Registration Number is 007/RDA/JO5/BAPP. We were registered in 2012.

We perfom our activities by marketing products like Moringa Oleifera, Yacon roots and powder, Sesame seeds, Garlic, Ginger and each member uses his initiative and can act as middleman between internation suppliers and buyers.

So i as a member have been given the consent of my principal in Nicaragua who is a Cocobolo(Dalbergia Retusa), Balsamo, Teak(Tectona Grandis), Ipe Tabebuia regular supplier. These Central American species are supplied regularly especially to Far East Asia.

In Cameroon, Padauk, Tigerwood, Sapele, Bilinga, Obeche etc. or most of the known African hardwoods are available from genuine and regular suppliers who have long term reliability.

Need buyers from China and Far East Asia in general who can buy based on FOB Corinto Nicaragua, CFR and CIF shipping terms.